ABOUT: Bruce Eggleston

Bruce Eggleston has been actively working in the building industry for 30 years+ ​Bruce enjoyed various employment as a Site Supervisor under the supervision of a registered Building Contractor; Building Practitioner for a small builder in Perth performing residential/commercial building services including;

The Carine Grades Tavern, Shops, Cafe's, Hairdresser's, Retailers and miscellaneous renovations. 

New builds including a Tilt Panel Construction "Shopping Centre" in Kununurra and other various residential and commercial renovations, including heritage listed properties. 

Bruce the former owner of a (Heritage Listed - 4 Level Apartment) "The Boans Warehouse" East Perth, purchased from FINI GROUP later completed a "Heritage Renovation" adding a balcony facing North off the 4th Level of the Warehouse Apartment creating the only 4 level apartment with a private balcony and views of the Eastern Hills, to date only one was undertaken, providing an outdoor space to entertain guests with view of the hills and star gazing without leaving the apartment.  All relevant approvals were achieved including; Strata Management, (E.P.R.A.=East Perth Redevelopment Authority) local council. Bruce was responsible for the initial design, build specifications, and engaging professionals to assist with the renovation, including but not limited to; structural engineer, draftsman, sub-contractors, etc and many other additional upgrades to the interior fit-out were also carried out by Bruce Eggleston, including; feature lighting, air-conditioning, new cabinetry to kitchen and laundry, internal built in storage, security and much more.  


The Warehouse Apartment was chosen to feature in multiple magazines such as; House & Garden - 1997, West Australian Newspaper - Habitat Section (2003) and Australian Design Trends Magazine - Vol 14 No 2.

This valuable building experience over Bruce's entire varied career in the building industry, together with working in conjunction with another property developer on a previous property development project prior to starting Bruce's business KEE DESIGN CONSTRUCT a property development consultancy business, inspired Bruce to gain the relevant "Diploma" qualifications and following become a Registered Building Contractor and Registered Building Practitioner. This was achieved by 30+years in the building industry gaining site experience, building knowledge, building product knowledge, building techniques and alternative build methods for; residential and commercial (renovations) and residential and commercial (new builds) working in conjunction with a Reg. Building Contractor and Reg. Building Practitioner, Bruce in a Site Supervision role on various building sites as above. The role included managing sub-contractors, suppliers, job co-ordination, quality control and client liaison all in conjunction and under supervision of various Reg. Builders.   


During Bruce's "Long Service Leave" Bruce set himself a goal and challenged himself to undertake further study as a mature age student completing a "Diploma" in Building & Construction-Medium Rise Construction via (HIA) 2016.  By achieving the Diploma accreditation Bruce could finally implement his long term goal and business plan and future career going forward;

1) Property Development Consultancy business (KEE DESIGN CONSTRUCT)

2) Registered Building Contractor (Company) KDC BUILDERS PTY LTD & Reg. Building Practitioner


Now fully accredited and a VIP repeat client continuing to engaging my Property Development Consultancy services as part of an ongoing business plan benefiting all parties, the client was supportive of Bruce becoming a registered builder as to provide a turnkey service of which trust has been established together with quality and integrity.  Bruce's "Business Plan" included attaining accreditation and licences; Reg. Building Contractor KDC BUILDERS PTY LTD as to continue with "Bespoke" Multi-Unit Property Developments" via KEE DESIGN CONSTRUCT and following, KDC BUILDERS undertakes projects builds (conception to completion) turnkey service, to ensure the design through to build stage/completion is micro-managed throughout the process, outcome being a quality design and build, with an established trust.

KDC BUILDERS will also undertake "Bespoke" homes and renovations, however the primary business plan and focus is via my VIP valuable repeat client and clients undertaking multi-unit developments.

​​My wife (Interior Designer) performs mid-high end renovations, one renovation exterior/interior total values up to approx $950,000 of which Bruce successfully worked in conjunction with (INTERIORS BY KEE) for further details refer to website; http://www.interiorskee.com.au/

Bruce was the appointed Site Supervisor for various client jobs for INTERIORS BY KEE working in conjunction with registered Building Contractors and Building Practitioners. Bruce was also the preferred Electrical Contractor for renovations undertaken for INTERIORS BY KEE clients.  After completing many makeovers and renovations in Perth notably the Western Suburbs where excellent customer service and quality is paramount, Bruce learned the skills to manage and coordinate multiple trades.  Bruce learned different building techniques, building products, including money saving techniques by providing alternative building solutions or building products without compromising the overall design outcome and also developed problem solving skills should any arise on site, where you need to think outside the square.


Bruce has a personal interest in his career and each project takes on a fresh approach and appeal with an exciting different outcome due to being a "Bespoke" design and build. Bruce is grateful to his valuable VIP client and looks forward to working with this client until the end of his building career, the trust has been established and the setup is beneficial to both parties going forward.

Bruce enjoys the diversity of building and has embraced the many challenges encountered in the building industry and always remains composed, a sense of humour is always welcomed on site. 

Bruce's Mantra: "No Problems Only Solutions"