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"Custom Design & Construct is a Passion"

Integrity: Commit to being fair but firm, honest, ethical, responsible, accountable in business and always strive to achieve the best outcome for all parties, despite the challenges that present to all those involved during the design and building process. 


Passion: Personal interest in design and construct, utilising new building methods and building products. Always seeking to move forward in the building industry and provide homes which people continue to strive for during their life path. It is not a house it is a home for all ages to enjoy with family and friend during their life journey. We are lucky to live in the lucky country, Australia and the state of Western Australia, with the golden sunsets, crystal blue beaches and white sand, with protected wildlife of many species.

Continually striving for excellence and improvement based on "constructive" client feedback.

Seeking use of alternative cost effective building methods and building products.

Continually looking forward to the future....


Bruce’s Personal Mantra: “No Problems Only Solutions”

Acknowledgement of Country

KDC BUILDERS PTY LTD acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land.

We pay tribute and our respects to Elders past and present.

Refer to the website: WA Government of Western Australia, (link) to learn about Aboriginal History and Culture:

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