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KEE DESIGN CONSTRUCT (KDC) has been successful in a Unit Development Project for a valued client. 

(Photos: Bruce Eggleston - Property Development Consultant & Project Manager/Site Manager)

Conception to Completion; Bespoke Designs, Project Estimates/Costings, Interior/Exterior Selections, Project Cashflows & More.
































KDC provided conception to completion services for a triplex unit development including;

  • Property Development Consultant, Project Manager & Site Manager

  • target and recommend property to develop with suitable zoning, liaison with real-estate agents

  • project feasibility (estimate)

  • site survey and planning

  • initial design concepts and final, review/liaison with local council 

  • detailed design concepts & final, submission to council, continual liaison/amendments as required by council to achieve a Development Approval (DA)

  • interior and exterior build and fit-out specifications

  • planning & building approvals, including liaison with local council, miscellaneous consultants, including; surveyors, engineers, draftsman, Western Power, Telstra, Alinta/ATCO Gas, Water Authority, miscellaneous suppliers, neighbours, etc

  • (AS) Australian Standards references - build specifications

  • develop Scope of Works for construction and suppliers - RFQ (Request for Quotations)

  • develop and oversee construction - RFQ (Request for Quotations) with building contractors and sub-contractors

  • contractor selection and engagement, including KDC Safety Management System

  • site clearing and demolition including (SOW)

  • site supervision of sub-contractors

  • site supervision of builder and client

  • project management including reports, timelines, risk mitigation, project cashflow

  • interaction with council, WAPC, miscellaneous utility providers

  • handover including preparation of folder with all appliance operation manuals, other miscellaneous product manuals and/or warranties

  • defects rectification including report to builder

  All of the above (Scope of Works) and micro management has contributed to be a very successful project. 


My client and I are more than happy with the overall project design and return on investment and my client has communicated to continue with KDC with further Property Developments based on his experience of the first Project Development success by KDC.  This project a Triplex Site (3 x Units) being bespoke custom designs and to date KDC has received much interest from the public including positive feedback regarding the design, layout, interior design elements.  Feedback is always good to hear after much effort involved in a successful Property Development.

I have always had a passion for home designs and interior design, however when my wife became qualified in the design field and commenced her mid-upmarket renovation business (INTERIORS BY KEE) where i was engaged as Project Manager and Site Manager, my interest in new home designs and building became forefront.  Each unit development involves complete dedication, however i enjoy the process from conception to completion.


I especially enjoyed watching my first "Bespoke Property Development" and Custom Designs come to life from a set of plans/elevations/specifications designed by myself, to actually seeing a completed 3 x Bespoke Units, outcome being it exceeded my expectations.  I now look at the overall project and know my efforts have paid off.  I strive for perfection to all clients and  provide them with the best outcome for the project.

Note: All plans; designs; photos are Copyright 2018.

Seeking Re-Zoned Blocks: 

​Do you have a rezoned zoned R20/60, R30 and R40 blocks or similar (corner blocks preferred).  Is your home and/or gardens too much to care for as our lifestyle changes, KDC may be able to assist you by purchasing your home, allowing you to re-locate into a smaller easy to care for maintenance free small home/unit/apartment or other ie; retirement home.  Or if you prefer one of our newly built units should we have any stock left for sale, you may wish to move into a brand new low maintenance unit, if so please contact me direct. We are seeking various development blocks in various suburbs, at present Northern suburbs preferred, however we look at all suburbs in Perth, preference being adjacent to coastal or river areas.  

Refer to Client Testimonial Page (Client: Phil Towers)

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