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KEE DESIGN CONSTRUCT (KDC) provides Property Development services for "custom designed" multi-unit developments including sourcing land with suitable zoning in desirable suburb in-fill locations in Perth and various country areas. We provide a (Turn Key Service) from conception to completion. Valuable input is provided during the process, incorporating your short and long term investment goals. 

R-Codes assist with determining the block’s development potential, a reason why blocks of equal size can have vastly different value and appeal. Property investors look for potential for sub-division blocks, meaning they have a dual potential R-Code that allows a greater number of dwellings to be built on.

Concepts, using new build techniques and new building products are becoming more desirable to suit these new designs and builds in today's current real-estate market, where there is a severe shortage of stock including apartments, townhouses, homes, etc

We strive to seek a more cost effective build with products that are less labour intensive, and designs will be dependant on your overall needs and goals. We strive to seek alternatives that deliver the desired outcome and suit your personal lifestyle, which is everchanging during peoples life journey.

Fast forward to 2024 and continuing into the future for years to come, Perth and right throughout many country towns, there is a severe housing crisis shortage for many families, singles and people over 50+. A shortage of houses and apartments has caused much sadness and grief throughout Perth Metro and WA Country towns.


The current real-estate market for many to rent and or buy, is just not achievable for many, with cost of living continuing to rise, median house prices continuing to rise, rentals rising, inflation, including huge heating and cooling Synergy accounts during heat spells in summer, interest rate hikes, after many years of owner/occupiers being on a low home loan rate. These changes have created financial stress and many adults who have had to return home to live with parents or grandparents or the other scenario, seniors are having trouble and moving in with their older children and families.

With this situation, it makes sense to re-purpose and re-developing the old family home should you have a (re-zoned home in a suburb). It makes sense to sub-divide the block to build more homes or units to ease the shortage and help family members during the crisis and provide homes for the next generations.

Property development projects and multiple homes or townhouses on properties are the way to help family and friends long term during the housing crisis which will last for many years to come. We offer various types of solutions to your current and future needs with regards to new building solutions and new building techniques and building products and can custom design the properties to suit your changing life cycle and growing families needs. Help re-purpose your older home on a rezoned block and created new homes for many others in need, multi generation homes or multi-unit generation homes where you can all rely on each other for support next door and pass the homes down though the family.


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