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  • All attendees on site; including subcontractors, suppliers, deliveries, Site Supervisor and other attendees must adhere to: KDC BUILDERS" Site Safety Rules, relevant industry WHS & OH&S, WA government rules, including any direction in relation to COVID-19 or similar pandemic current rules. Failure to follow procedures will result in immediate removal from site.

  • No access on site by "clients" or "unauthorised client representatives" unless permitted by KDC BUILDERS in writing by email.

  • Please contact KDC BUILDERS should you notice any person on site not adhering to these site rules.

  • Please contact KDC BUILDERS immediately if you notice any suspicious behaviour on site.

  • Subcontractors and site attendees to supply First Aid Kit, hand sanitizers, equipment cleaners, PPE and masks if required.

  • Last trades on site are to ensure the site is safe, fencing and gates are fully shut tight and locked with the chain lock. Should any deliveries be ordered and delivered by you to site, ensure that you provide information that all (deliveries are to be delivered and placed behind the gates) in a position that works in with all other trades on site and/or as per direction of KDC BUILDERS, ensure that all materials are protected from water damage at all times.  

  • The contractors are responsible to provide supplier and/or delivery drivers with information regarding the delivery positions and/or call Site Supervisor for details.

  • All subcontractors are to check windows, doors, gates and temporary fencing after closed and locked after leaving site, including closing and locking padlock on entry gate.

  • You are responsible for cleaning up any rubbish, rectifying any accidental damages to an acceptable standard determined by KDC BUILDERS and charges may be deducted from invoices for cleaning fees, damages, etc.

  • No Liability or damages will be accepted by KDC BUILDERS if your are parked on site and/or verge, please check for any potential hazards prior to parking (parking on site is at own risk).

  • Please respect the site "A CLEAN SITE IS A SAFE SITE" however, understand this is a building site and will at times have designated areas of building rubbish.

  • Site signage and site toilet any damages caused by building supplies may be cleaned and/or replaced at a cost to subcontractors causing damages. Ensure suitable distance during works is carried out away from these areas including no dropping of materials near the site safety signage and site toilet, where suitable. 

  • Site Access & Construction Noise on "KDCB" Building Sites: Construction work to be carried out between 7.00am and 5.00pm on Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays).

  • Note: Should any contractor, supplier or delivery contractor access site before 7.00am, you will be solely held accountable and responsible for unauthorised entry and should a fine be received by KDC BUILDERS you will be responsible for payment of the fine! You have been notified, thanks for your assistance in being a team player and respecting neighbours during the build. 


Social distancing is one way to help slow the spread of viruses. Generally, social distancing means:

  • Staying at home when people are sick or you have COVID-19

  • Staying 1.5m away from people as much as possible and for outdoor essential gatherings

  • Avoiding touching others such as shaking hands, kissing or hugging.

On a construction site you can practice social distancing in the following ways:

  • Plan ways to enable physical distancing of 1.5m to reduce in-person contact of workers. On a construction site this can be done by:

  • careful scheduling of work to provide distance between workgroups and individuals, e.g. schedule for some internal trades and external trades to work at the same time rather several internal trades only.

  • minimising the numbers of workers in workgroups or teams e.g. only send the necessary numbers of workers to complete a task.

  • When setting up fixed workspaces on site, ensure they are away from other people, high traffic areas and amenities.

  • Staggering of lunch breaks, start times and finish times to minimise any larger gatherings of workers

  • If a large part of the project needs to be undertaken requiring larger numbers of workers i.e. formwork, schedule for only that task to be undertaken on that day or within a specific time frame.

  • Where none of this is possible encourage good hygiene practices as outlined above.

  • Cancel all international and any unnecessary domestic travel plans.

  • Where possible schedule teams of workers to work separately, at different times or on separate parts of the project.

  • Limit any unnecessary visitors to the site, e.g. sales staff, office staff, family members or clients.

  • Limit numbers in hoist to allow for social distancing – taking into account the hoist operator

  • Persons should face away from each other whilst riding in the hoist

  • Travel directly to necessary floors, make more trips and reduce numbers of persons in hoist/ lift at any one time

  • Promote use of stairs for those tasks which don’t require carrying of large equipment/ material, monitor overuse

  • Schedule times for the use of the hoist i.e. for specific tasks, trades or for cleaning times.

  • Avoid large congregations of workers waiting for the hoist at entry points – promoting the principals of social distancing, stagger start times and mealtimes will assist with this


Safe Work Australia has published a Fact Sheet that provides information for persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) on the approach to COVID-19 incident notification laws in each State and Territory jurisdiction, including details on how to notify when required. Should Members have any enquiries regarding this matter, please contact the Association’s Safety Department on 02 8586 3555.

SWA-Incident notification fact sheet COVID-19305.41 KB

  1. Call the National Coronavirus Health Information line on 1800 020 080.



COVID-19 health, safety and wellbeing guideline for the Western Australian building and construction industry

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